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Katie's Fiddle Workshops 
and Jackson Creek/Southern Jubilee 
Demonstration Programs!!!!


How to "fiddlize" a tune!

Pull Grandpa or Aunt Gertie's fiddle out of the closet... 
and let's get started fiddling!!!

NEW! "Training Wheels in D" CD is HERE!!!
Learn fiddle tunes by hearing the melody SLOWLY!
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  Sunshine State Acoustic Music Camp  We're looking forward to this year's camp! Hope to see you there!   I love teaching the beginning fiddle classes each year at Charlie Groth's acoustic music camp in
St. Pete!!!   It's a wonderful weekend of classes and jams!

PICTURES from a previous camp!!!

Chord Charts (in MS Word format) for many of the tunes that we play.
Encourage your favorite guitar player to play tunes with you!  It will REALLY help you keep a steady beat. 

 Florida State Folk Festival at White Springs What a wonderful weekend of folk music!  I enjoyed teaching the fiddle workshop and look forward to meeting you all again along our musical paths! Looking forward to teaching "How to 'fiddlize' a tune!" at the 2006 festival!

Florida Fiddler's Convention - Katie taught a beginning fiddle workshop at the 2003 convention and enjoyed working with young students as well as adults! Southern Jubilee played for a contra dance set and for the Sunday a.m. waltz time.  The convention is a "fiddler's dream" weekend! Hope you'll be able to get there!!! 

katieclass22.jpg (58827 bytes)  katieclass33.jpg (59764 bytes)

Will McLean Festival - This year Katie taught both beginning and intermediate fiddle classes.   The intermediate class turned out to include her "How to 'fiddlize' a tune" session!  This is another super music festival... again filled with workshops, jams and performances.  See you there next year! Pictures from the '04 festival are below. (Oh yes.... fiddle workshop participants do LOTS of playing!  These photos just caught us in a few minutes of talk,)

 04 mclean4.jpg (81623 bytes)  04 mclean3.jpg (76037 bytes)

YOUR workshop - We can share the love of fiddle music in many ways.

  • A workshop for your area jam group.

  • A workshop and performance for the string classes in your school. We will give a brief history of fiddle music and teach the students how to "fiddlize" a tune!  

  • The band will demonstrate the instruments and perform early American folk and fiddle music for YOUR group, club, school, etc.!  We had a GREAT time at Osteen Elementary in Osteen, FL recently!!! And... we loved playing for the students of Enterprise Elementary also!

  • Katie is available to teach fiddle workshops at YOUR local or state music festival!   You'll be surprised at how many people will dust off fiddles that have been sitting in the closet for lack of a teacher. NOW is the time to get started!

"You have a wonderful way of getting to the VERY basics in your beginning workshops!  Thank you for getting me started!"   - An adult student after Sunshine State Acoustic Music Camp

"I loved your workshop! You made it fun... and taught us SO much! Can't wait for next time"  - An adult student from FL fiddlers weekend

"Accomplished fiddler Katie Bailey Waller has become a favorite instructor at the SSAMC.  She brings her great knowledge of fiddling along with warmth and unfailing good nature to the SSAMC, and she's just the person to help you get into fiddling!" - Charlie Groth Sunshine State Music Camp

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