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Folkfiddle Gifts: For fiddlers, violinists, banjo pickers, dancers, teachers, and more!
Click on the pictures below for MANY more gifts! Band gifts, too! 

NEW graphics weekly! Violin ROCKS! Fiddle ROCKS! Fiddler Chick!!!!
Calendars! Case Stickers! Cards! Buttons! Etc.More GIFTS! Teddy Bears! Clocks! Baby Gifts! ETC.


Visit our Etsy Shops! FolkFiddle Mosaics and Wood Works!



We have another shop... which includes media specialists and librarians!
AND... GIFTS for swimmers, beach bums, hikers, walkers, and water lovers!
Also... Daytona Beach gifts!!! Click on the pictures for MORE!

Beach Bum!Swim! Swimmers! Swimming!