Chord Charts for Training Wheels CDs
Training Wheels I

(These chord charts are for most of the tunes on "Training Wheels I" CD. We will try to add the rest soon. )

Soldier's Joy / Whiskey Before Breakfast / St. Anne's Reel / Over the Waterfall

Arkansas Traveler / Angeline the Baker / Liberty / Mississippi Sawyer

Dennis Murphy's Polka / John Ryan's Polka / Spotted Pony / Old Joe Clark

Dancing Bear / Red Haired Boy / Stumptailed Dog / Sara Armstrong

Yellow Barber / Camp Meetin' on the 4th of July / Speed the Plow / Pretty Little Dog

(We have just begun to post the chord charts to go with the Training Wheels CDs.  Please keep checking. We will add more very soon!)

Write Katie for information about the "Training Wheel's CDs" in which the tunes are played slowly then faster.

Chord charts for many of the waltzes we play.