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Let us bring a BARN DANCE
to your event!!!
EVERYONE will have fun!!!   

  Barn dance! Country dance! Ceilidh! Contra dance!  
Whatever you call it.... it's an absolutely wonderful way to bring your guests/family together!


  • "What a GREAT time we had!  Everyone in our park had fun... and even those who said they wouldn't dance DID! Thank you so much!"
  • "I haven't had so much fun in YEARS!  I was concerned when my daughter said she wanted to have a contra dance at her wedding reception. However... it turned out to be the BEST thing that we could have done!  All ages danced! The family seemed to open up as they got to know each other through the dancing! Thank you so much for being a part of our daughter's wedding day!"
  • "We just have to let you know how thrilled we are with both the vocal performance and the barn dance that you brought to our club. EVERYONE had fun!   I haven't done the Virginia Reel since elementary school... but it came back to me! Thank you!  We'll look forward to having another dance next year. Keep a date open for us!"
  What can I expect if you bring a barn dance to us???
  • You can expect a good time for ALL of your guests!
  • We choose an experienced caller who will teach dances that everyone can participate in.  It's easy... children can dance, too!
  • You can count on a band of high quality musicians who have played for MANY contra dances and brought barn dances to weddings, family reunions, parties and churches throughout Central Florida.
  • You won't have to worry about a sound system. We bring our own and just need an electrical outlet. (If you are truly out in the barn... we can bring a generator. :)
  • If you want a vocal program... we can do that, too.  And we can mix dances with vocals. 
  • We want to make your event a special day to remember and will strive to do it YOUR way!

We would love to perform for your event!
Call or write Joe or Katie Waller  for more information.
386-717-5123 or 368-212-2428

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